The Jazz Room

I’m getting ready for a gig with the quintet Brian Dickenson, Lorne Lofsky, Kieran Overs and Ted Warren inWaterloo at the Jazz Room. I really look forward to playing there with the guys as it’s a great room and I get to play mostly originals.I’m pretty lucky to have such a great band and that they’re all available for the gig. I’ll be trying out a few new tunes as well if I can finish them in time.

The gig with The Humber College B band at the Rex with Mark Promane and Dan Jameson was great.The band sounded great and the charts were fantastic Dan did a great job on the charts and was also conducting which was wonderful.

I’m starting to get excited about leading the Conn-Selmer Big Band at Musicfest in May. The rehearsal sked looks busy but it will be great fun.