Rex Hotel Dec12,13

Well I apologize for not writing a lot I’ll try to remedy that in the future.

Having a great time at the rex with the Quintet,Lorne Lofsky,Brian Dickinson Kieran Overs and Ted Warren. We’re getting a chance to play through some of my original tunes and get comfortable with them. The same group will be playing the Old Firehall in Ancaster on Jan.25th and that will be great. We have a few things coming up so I’ll post them in the gig section.

I’m playing the new yamaha tenor a custom z2 that the guys at yamaha let me play for a while.I played it last night on the gig and really liked it.I found it easy to switch from one tenor to another so I may start playing it exclusively and leave my mark iv at home for a while.

Mike Felice, a great player and repairman here in Toronto has done some  fantastic work on my old Conn 10m as well and it plays really well, so now that all my horns play great I know the problem is me. The struggle continues.