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Rex Hotel Dec12,13

Well I apologize for not writing a lot I’ll try to remedy that in the future. Having a great time at the rex with the Quintet,Lorne Lofsky,Brian Dickinson Kieran Overs and Ted Warren. We’re getting a chance to play through some of my original tunes and get comfortable with them. The same group will be […]

The Jazz Room

I’m getting ready for a gig with the quintet Brian Dickenson, Lorne Lofsky, Kieran Overs and Ted Warren inWaterloo at the Jazz Room. I really look forward to playing there with the guys as it’s a great room and I get to play mostly originals.I’m pretty lucky to have such a great band and that they’re all available for […]

New Website

Well against everyone’s better judgement it looks like the Baritone band, The Travelling Wall Barries, is going to record on the second week of December. This is an idea of Randy Sorrel’s who books  the pilot. Randy asked me to put something special together for the Toronto Jazz Fest  this year and because I’d just bought a great new […]